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What is hydraulic oil?

Many people probably already know about the hydraulic system. What does this system use as a driving force? Hydraulic systems require oil. same type as the system In order to drive the system to work, of course, it must be hydraulic oil, which is an oil that is used with high pressure to transmit power from fluid to power. by transferring energy from one point to another so that the system can be driven
by the quality of the oil little change at high temperatures and is widely used in industry and automotive to help in lubrication Helps in the movement of equipment parts in the system. to be able to move flexibly reduce friction of parts that come into contact with each other and also dissipate heat generated by the circulation of hydraulic oil make heat transfer You can also log out of the system.
The hydraulic oil is also a seal to prevent leakage. internal to less when there is pressure in the system
It can be seen that hydraulic oil It is important to the system, therefore, when using it, it must be selected appropriately and the right type, which must have the right properties for use in order for the hydraulic oil to work efficiently There must be various properties of the oil to be tested as well. What are they? Let’s see.

  1. Hydraulic oil must have a viscosity (viscosity) suitable for use.
  2. It has a solid or pouring point at low temperatures. must be tested With a tester, find the pour point (Pour point analyzer).
  3. Has good lubricating properties (Lubricity) is not corrosive or reacts with rubber seals, gaskets and paints.
  4. does not cause rust or resist rust
  5. Resistance to oxidation reactions (oxidation stability)
  6. Resistance to foaming, low compressibility does not clump or sticky rubber
  7. It has good water separability.

Choosing the right hydraulic oil How do you know? that the choice is correct??

Because there are many types of hydraulic oils and they work differently. depending on the nature of work Let’s get to know the types of idrolic oils. in order to be taken into account Which one should I choose? What kind of environment is it used in, how does it work with water, humidity, fire resistance or pressure? which in order to be able to use it correctly


This type of hydraulic oil can lubricate very well abrasion resistance rust resistance Good rust resistance and has a high viscosity which acts as a very good sealer It is the most commonly used type of oil, with properties that determine the differences in oil, including type of crude oil, method, degree of refining and compounds used. But this type of oil has disadvantages that are easily flammable if in a high heat environment. Not very heat resistant, so it’s not suitable for work that requires fire. because there may be errors such as leaking pipes, which can cause a fire, for example, this type of petroleum, for example

  • General hydraulic oil (hydraulic AW)
  • turbine oil
  • Specialty hydraulic fluids (hydraulic HVI)
  • Motor oil number SAE 10W or SAE 30

Fire resistant oil

this type of oil use with hydraulic system that work at especially high temperatures or in flammable environments that may be caused by oil vapors or oil spill contact with hot equipment or there are oil stains on the surface of hot equipment, etc.
Therefore, hydraulic oil Can be divided into 2 main types, namely petroleum and flame retardant oil, which type of petroleum. It is suitable for use with general hydraulic systems. Used for hydraulic systems at high temperatures or conditions that may cause leakage. or volatile oil

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