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About Us

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WITTOIL is the high-quality lubricant products manufactured by Witcorp Products Limited who has more than 20 years experience in lubricant business.

To producing the high-quality lubricant products, we not only select premium raw materials but also put our intensive research and development to produce our lubricant products under strictly quality control in order to ensure that our customers will receive only high-quality lubricant products.

Our products array can mainly be categorized
into groups of product range as follow

Metal Working Fluids

Industrial Lubricant

Automotive Lubricant

Specialty Lubricant

Cleaner Product

Our Standards

WITTOIL are tested under quality control system that in accordance with the international standards such as Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American Petroleum Institute (API), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Institute of Petroleum (IP) and also certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by a leading Certify Body, Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Ltd. (BVC). This is to emphasize that our lubricant products and service will always meet our customers’ satisfaction. With our extensive experience in lubricant business, we assure that our customers in various industries will receive the premium quality products and related services.

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Product Information

Metal Working Fluids Industrial Lubricant Automotive Lubricant Specialty Lubricant Cleaner Product
Soluble Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Diesel Engine Oil
Wireline Lubricant
Engine & Machine Flushing Oil
Semi-Synthetic Soluble Fluid
Industrial Gear Oil
Diesel Marine Engine Oil
Synthetic Chain Oil
Machine Cleaner
Fully Synthetic Soluble Fluid
Slide Way Oil
Hydraulic Engine Oil
Metal Working Coolant System Cleaner
Neat Cutting Oil
Heat Transfer Oil
Drawing & Stamping Oil
Air Compressor Oil
Forming Oil
Turbine Oil
Rust Preventive
Circulating Oil
Electrical Discharge Machining Fluid
Textile Industrial Lubricant
Glass Industrial Lubricant
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