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Types of Oil Drilling Rigs

Types of Oil Rigs

            Rig or oil drilling rig, if classified according to the nature of use, can be divided into two groups: land rig, or the popular term Land Rig, and oil drilling rig. Offshore rig

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 1

Example of a land oil drilling rig (Land Rig)

This land oil drilling platform In our country, it can be seen in many places, including various oil fields such as the Sirikit oil field at Lan Krabue, Kamphaeng Phet province.. Wichian Buri-Phetchabun oil field … Sangha oil field. Jai-Suphanburi and others

Offshore Rigs

           An offshore rig is a platform used to drill for oil outside the shoreline or at sea. or along the territorial waters of various countries, which will have many types which has the following details

Swamp barges

A swamp barge is a rig with a drilling platform installed on a raft. It is suitable for drilling in shallow water areas such as swamps or rivers, etc., or in areas where the wind and waves are not very strong.

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 3

Tender Barges or Tender rig or Drilling Barges

           This type of platform is designed like a cargo raft. The drilling rig will be transported to be assembled and installed at various platforms, and when drilling is complete, the platform will be separated into smaller parts and loaded on a raft to be moved to the next place where drilling is required.

           The advantage is that the rental fee (day rate) is cheaper than other types of drilling rigs. And it is suitable for areas where there are oil wells close to each other. That is, when the drilling rig is installed on the platform, it can drill many holes at the same time. without having to remove and move Move the location to another place. This can be done by simply moving the position of the drill stand a little (Skid) within a few meters and you can drill more.

           The disadvantage is that disassembly and installation each time is difficult. And the important thing is that drilling can only be done in areas where there is Installing or creating a platform just wait.

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 5

The platform has been assembled and installed on the platform.

Jack Up Rig

        Jack Up is a platform that has a base structure or three legs that are dipped deep into the seabed. The base or body is Floating high above the water surface and Can adjust the level up and down.

The good thing is that a rig like this will fit. Can take up position quickly Reduce wasted time in moving, which is suitable for survey work. If found, information will be collected for you. Geologists analyze but if not If you find it, cover the hole and move it. Move to another place to explore further. The limitation is that it can be practiced. The maximum depth is only 500 feet or equal to 152.4 meters

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 7

Submersible drilling rig 

Submersible A structure or drilling rig that can be submerged in water. Drilling rigs like this are generally used for drilling. Oil in shallow water, approximately 80 feet or less. Movement is done using a tugboat to the location where drilling is to be done. and submerged until it sits on the bottom

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 9

Illustration from Google

*** Other types of oil drilling rigs, the author has serviced, worked, and slept in all types, except for this type of rig, which the author himself has never seen before. It is expected that this is probably an old drilling rig or the first generation drilling rig.

Semi-Submersible or semi-submersible floating drilling rig

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 11

Semi Submersibles are platforms that are designed and calculated to be able to float in water. …is the structure mounted on a pole? Large columns (culumns) and large flat-bottomed buoys (Pontoons) serve as weight bearers at the bottom and are submerged at level. Nominal depth 

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 13

This type of platform when entering an operating position or position If you want to drill, then the captain in charge will order you to drop large anchors (huge mooring anchors) into the seabed to act as anchors. and maintain the position of the platform to prevent shock from sea waves.

*** Maintaining the position so that the position does not move, if it is an old model rig, it will use the method of dropping the anchor to hold the position as mentioned above. But if it’s Rick I’ll use it if it’s new. Thruster or large boat propeller that uses a motor Electricity is the propeller and the speed can be controlled, or the anchor and propeller support each other.

*** Propeller control If it’s an older rig, it uses a DC motor and uses an SRC as a speed controller. But if it’s a new platform, it will It uses an AC motor and an inverter to control the speed.

     Semi Submersibles drill rigs are suitable for drilling in areas with deep water, with some drilling rigs able to drill as deep as 5,000 feet, or equal to 1,524 meters.

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 15


Drillship…the name of this type of rig clearly conveys the meaning…it is a ship that is equipped with tools and equipment for drilling oil. which is suitable for Drilling in areas with water depths up to 40,000 feet or 12,120 meters (Ultra Deepwater) and requiring frequent movement of positions. Because it can be moved to other locations by itself without having to rely on towing like Semi Submersibles and Jack-Ups, as mentioned above, it is said that the stability of the operation has already been said. It is also second to the Semi Submersibles category.

        Maintaining the position so that it does not move while drilling has a method similar to that of Semi Submersibles as mentioned above, namely using a large anchor and using a propeller or thruster to hold or support the position. movement

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 17

Compare each type of drilling rig.

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 19

Comparative image showing the performance and drilling capacity of each type of drilling rig (Cr: MEARSEK Drilling)

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs 21

The picture shows how to hold or maintain the drilling position so that there is no movement of each type of platform.

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