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Selection of industrial lubricants

Every machine consists of moving parts. Metal friction inevitably generates heat and wear.
Therefore, lubricants play a role in eliminating those problems.

production processes in various industries Machines must be lubricated with the correct oil. (both type and viscosity)
in the right place and at the right time as well The lubricant must provide effective lubrication.
Reduces abrasion, wear and corrosion and can withstand high pressure In addition, after lubrication must also be qualified.
in rust prevention so that those machines can be used efficiently and have a long service life
to save maintenance costs

Selection of industrial lubricants There are important criteria.

1. Choose the type or type of lubricant that is suitable for the job, for example:

Gearboxes with high pressure and shock loads should use EP type high pressure gear lubricants.
But if the gear room with high speed There is almost no pressure. It may be used as turbine oil. R&O oil or circulating oil

Hydraulic systems with very high oil pressure, heavy duty use, should choose good quality hydraulic oil with anti-wear additives.

Turbine should use a type of lubricating oil. Turbine oils with anti-oxidant additives

2. Choose a viscosity number suitable for operating conditions such as

high-speed machines Should stop using less viscous lubricants on machines with lower speeds.

Machines with heavy loads and high pressures should use oil with a higher viscosity than light duty machines.

high temperature machinery The position that needs lubrication is high temperature. The viscosity of the lubricant should be selected for use in low temperature applications.

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